Crafting a visual journey through Vitens’ headquarters

The new headquarters in Zwolle deserved an eye-catcher that should be accessible to everyone. Smel came up with a spatial identity by making all core activities in the building visible.
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Five floors of storytelling

In the new headquarters, five massive walls on different floors served for an individual work of art. On behalf of Vitens, meng. custom content asked to help us devise a unique concept. We challenged ourselves to create a continuous storyline throughout the building. Ground floor, floor 1-3, and basement all have their departments with different activities. You walk past the laboratory to the field technicians using appropriate themes.
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Thoughtful design language

The long walls all have their design in which a language of drops and hexagonal windows with photos. Besides, photos are also Facts & figures. Theme colors are blue and copper brown, which stands for water, earth, and copper pipes. For staff and visitors, we have made a printed variant as a folding poster in which the corporate story.


Interior photos:
Studio Groen+Schild
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