Crafting a visionary concept for hope

Integral communication concept for the largest Dutch benefit photo auction. The YiP Art Photo Auction is held every 2 years, where more than 80 works of art by renowned photographers and upcoming talent are auctioned by Christie’s. All proceeds go to Young in Prison’s (YiP) creative and sports programs worldwide.

Strong visual language

YiP is an international NGO and contributes to the positive resocialization of ex-prisoners of youth worldwide. One goal is to encourage young people to use their imagination. For a new identity, we came up with three themes “Window to a better world,” “Diamonds in the rough,” and “Kite up against the wind.” We translated these themes into a dynamic visual style in which an angular shape can change into a diamond, camera aperture, or kite. The form is reflected in all possible communications and acts as a powerful connecting element.

Pro bono

Over six years, we worked pro bono for the YiPart Photo Auction. At the 9th edition, we unpacked by designing a pop-up exhibition in ABN‘s circular platform CIRCL at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. The identity has been rolled out in various series of posters, flyers, digital communication, and an extensive website.
Young in Prison
Kadir van Lohuizen
Marjolein Spronk

Transforming a photo auction into a museum experience at ABN CIRCL

Pop-up exhibition design for the largest Dutch benefit photo auction. An exceptional location was chosen for the 9th edition of the YiP Art Photo Auction, ABN CIRCL, the creative hotspot at the Zuidas Amsterdam. We put the auction firmly on the map with an extensive print campaign and the use of various external communications.

Museum experience

How do you get many potential art buyers together? Our idea was to transform the location in the financial district of Amsterdam into a museum visitor experience. CIRCL is a circular building in which only sustainable materials are used. A modular wall system with reusable wooden panels ensured flexible use of the space and a museum-like feel. The exhibition was open for three days and was free to view before the auction took place.
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Pop-up exhibition

Christie’s auctioned 80 works of art with all proceeds going to the Young in Prison (YiP) creative programs worldwide. When designing the exhibition, we found wayfinding and a museum atmosphere to be necessary. To strengthen the spatial identity, we created a series of kites with the YiP design language that served as connecting elements in the exhibition. Kites made after a Korean kite model where it is believed that when the kite is at a great height, and you cut the string, the past is left behind.
Young in Prison
CIRCL Amsterdam

Photography exhibition:
Janiek Dam

Fostering change through inspiration and empowerment

YiP is an international NGO and contributes to the positive resocialization of ex-prisoners of youth worldwide. One goal is to encourage young people to use their imagination. We developed the website with an integrated webshop and donation tool.

Create to liberate

We were asked by Young in Prison to develop an integrated communication concept and identity. As an essential part, a website was designed that shows the activities and success stories of the internationally operating teams. Special features are background stories from ambassadors and photographers who help the youngsters. The YiP benefit photo auction provides financial support and has a prominent place on the website with a photo archive and the possibility to donate.

Content driven

The website is content-driven, where you get to know all the activities of Young in Prison worldwide. Individual features such as long reads, interactive world maps, donation systems, webshop, and a photo archive ensure the best user experience. With the custom CMS, the content can be adapted in fully responsive design.

Young in Prison
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