Smel specializes in branding and communications. We excel in extraordinary creativity and refined craftsmanship. We exceed expectations by diving deep to understand, create, and crystallize your brand's transformation. Operating from our studio in Amsterdam, we work with clients of various sizes who are ready to embrace change.

We believe that visionary brands require extraordinary creativity. Here at Smel, we harness innovative ideas and unique designs to go beyond the ordinary, making a profound impact on global interactions by reshaping their core and envisioning a brighter future.

What we do
Our expertise lies in crafting and revitalizing brands, whether starting from scratch or infusing fresh creative energy to brighten your business. In today's landscape, creativity and design are the driving forces behind modern brand success.

“You could be part of what we do: mining new stories in unexpected places.”
— Edgar Smaling & Carlo Elias, founders Smel *creative agency

Selected clients

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