Unveiling baroque music in the world of tomorrow

Design a website for a renowned baroque orchestra in the Netherlands. Holland Baroque is a quirky baroque orchestra that dares to sing, dance, cry and laugh on their instruments. All this from tradition, innovation, surprise, and a touch of entertainment.

Musical encounters

Our challenge was to create a website with what makes Holland Baroque so unique, musical encounters at the highest level. Collaborations with big names like Eric Vloeimans, Leszek Możdżer, Wu Wei, and Reinbert De Leeuw. We have given the design of the website a contemporary look in which photography plays a significant role. With a few clicks, you can look behind the scenes, book a concert, or watch a video. The photography is by Wouter Jansen, the regular photographer of the orchestra who goes everywhere. The photography is atmospheric, narrative and also shows the personal side of the musicians.

Narrative and image driven

The website is image-driven, where you can quickly scroll through the concert projects and get to know the musicians. Characteristics are the clear visual language and the use of a lot of photography. With the cms, the content can easily be changed and kept up-to-date in a fully responsive design.

Holland Baroque
Wouter Jansen
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