Discovering Amsterdam’s metro masterpiece

A book about the Amsterdam North-South metro line. The critically acclaimed Amsterdam metro line is an infrastructural masterpiece. Part of the appeal lies in the integration of monumental works of art in all stations, which almost changes daily commuting into a museum visit.

Own initiative

We pitched the idea together with journalist and art critic Edo Dijksterhuis to the municipality of Amsterdam to make a publication about art in the North-South line. The book was intended to emphasize the artistic background of the work and still be accessible to laymen. The metro line is 7 kilometers long and has 8 stations. In the same order, scroll through the book from front to back as if you were taking the metro. The artworks are prominent, as are sketches, “making of” photos and portraits of artists.
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Collectors edition

The book has 100 pages with an introduction, interviews, and the extensively photographed metro stations. Dutch-language, hardcover, exclusively published by the Municipality of Amsterdam in an edition of 1,000 copies.
Township Amsterdam
Gert Jan van Rooij
Jorrit 't Hoen

Edo Dijksterhuis
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