Crafting a fragrance that evokes memories

Rituals is an internationally renowned home & body products brand that is inspired by the age-old knowledge and traditions from different Asian cultures. Smel *creative agency came up with the concept of a must-have premium Rituals Eau de Parfum line for real fragrance connoisseurs.

Create your personal perfume

Themes such as ‘Forgotten perfumes’ and ‘Heritage Collection’ served as choices in Rituals briefing. We came up with the ultimate personalization of a perfume for Rituals. Inspired by emotions, beautiful memories, and travels, Smel came up with the Talisman concept. A scent can evoke memories like looking at photos in a photo album. A custom-made perfume that you compose yourself by choosing scent, bottle, cap and Talisman necklace.
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From concept to customer experience

The concept of the Talisman was a success and has been further developed by Rituals. In execution, 25 unique scents have been made, two bottles and special caps, and several talisman necklaces. At the perfume bar in House of Rituals you create your own personal custom-made perfume with an experienced scent sommelier. Curious about the end result? The Talisman perfume is only available in House of Rituals.
Visuals: Søren Østerbye
Photos: Talisman collection by Rituals
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